Continuing to update some of their most recognisable archival runners with the latest material technologies, Nike introduce the innovative Flyknit weave to the Air Max 90.

As we’ve seen previously over the past year, Flyknit and Ultra have worked hand in hand to create some of the most lightweight commercially available shoes we’ve ever seen. Featherweight footwear was once only something available to elite athletes to aid them in their performance, but it’s now become commonplace to see it everyday on the street.

The latest style to undergo a makeover is the 1990 edition of the fabled Air Max Series. Featuring an edited version of the unmistakably vibrant Infrared colourway first seen on the original runner, this time all panelling is stripped back to a single layer with the clever use of a computer programmed fibre weave which can be designed to alter density and elasticity along with a change of colour depending where these changes are required. The toeguard panel that runs around the border between upper and midsole is fused onto the flyknit to help aid with supporting the overall shape. The midsole has also seen a change with the replacement of the standard panelled TPU unit in place of a new Ultra mould, a single form which drastically reduces weight across the board.

Alongside the Infrared, the womens ‘Concorde’ colourway has also been replicated on the new Flyknit versions, alongside several other colour combinations included the fan-favourite ‘Multi’.